Michael Patti - Web Film Brighton

Michael directed the following video by Set It Off in 2011. If you are a fan of Set It Off the lyrics are below. Web Film Brighton like to showcase up and coming web film directors.

Set It Off: @Reply

@Reply's Lyrics

Did you think that I,
Did you think that I,
Would fall down flat on my face?
Did your smug remarks
Ever reach the heart?
Pretentious, poised in place
"OMG, Look at me,
All I wanna be is just like him."
FIlthy mean, Filthy Scene,
Slowly spiraling down into the drain.

2 sleepless weeks is all that it takes to find,
Foundations worth the time of our life.

This is our night, This is our time
This is our chance of feeling alive
Because chaotic minds can think alike

This is our night, This is our time
This is our chance of feeling alive
Cause everyone knows the star come out at night.

Verse 2:
Oh dear, have we struck a nerve here?
Altered your perception,
Seeds of doubt have manifested into our investment.
Lay away while you pray that we'll go away
We will find you.
Like a ghost, here's a toast to eternity,
We are here to stay.



5 soldiers in line with our blindfolds in hand,
Our spirit intact we abide by the land.
5 captains on deck with a look in their eyes,
Their ship may be broken but look at them fly.
Fixation with passion will push you to move,
The obstacle mentioned is referring to you.
You should know we're never ever ever gonna quit.


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Don’t miss the Royal Pavilion, home of King George IV, and probably the most exotic, extravagant royal palace in Europe. Stroll along the Victorian Pier and the beachfront, where stylish bars and cafés spill out onto the curved paving, jostling for space with surfer shops, giant sculptures, buskers, fresh fish and artists’ studios.